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Semi-automatic KEG washer

We are the manufacturer of semi-automatic KEG washers. Our washer provides a compact solution for perfect KEG sanitation.

Basic KEG washer contains of:

  • washing liquid tank with heating regulation
  • KEG coupler according to the order
  • all-stainless steel pump
  • microprocessor module controlled washing process
  • inlet ports: water, pressurized air

Washers are being completed after the order, so we can customize it to your needs. Amongst others, these are the most common custom adaptations:

  • more inlets (hot water, steam, CO2)
  • second washing liquid tank
  • multiple couplers to clean more KEGs at once
  • integrated sanitation outlet – the washer can also be used as CIP station


Stainless steel control panel
A compact KEG washer
Medium size KEG washer integrated with CIP
Double tank washer fitted with two KEG couplers